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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Morning Sunshine!

Maybe I am being a bit optimistic as it is slightly overcast but Easter Weekend is supposed to be totally amazing as far as the weather goes.  We will be at the Toledo Farm Market on Saturday from 9 till 1.  I have Beeswax candles! We have Orange, Lemon, Wintergreen and Peppermint Lip Balm!  We have Hot and Spicy Honey Mustard!  And we have Honey.  We have been selling out because I am trying to limit what I bring down so I can continue to come to market for awhile longer.  I have mentioned that I will probably end up buying honey from another beekeeper this year so I can keep coming down to market until our Honey Harvest is in.  I am going to try something my "Great" and I mean amazing Uncle Ted told me about.  I will start going through the frames and instead of waiting till the whole box is full of capped honey I will take a frame here and there and replace those frames with empty frames.  I mention my Uncle Ted.  We lost him last year.  No I don't mean he is out wandering around in the Bee Yard, but he headed up to heaven.  He was a very amazing man, the folks whose lives he touched were truly blessed.  His family I know will miss him horribly but he left behind quiet a large legacy.  He might not still be here but he is in the mind and hearts of hundreds of beekeepers who he taught and shared so much with.

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