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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 23, 2014 The Nuc Box

So today the weather was calmer and I headed out to the yard to check on the nuc.  I opened the top of the box and flipped the inner cover around so they could have access to coming and going with a small opening rather than have the bottom board set up wide open.  I put a stick underneath the top of the box lid cause I had some goofy bees that were not smart enough to realize once the top was closed they would be squished.  (Yikes)  Anyway when I turned the inner cover over I checked on the bees and they were pretty calm and quiet.  That usually is a good sign.  Jim had all the bee stuff in his truck so I could not poke around at all to make sure she was ok, hopefully when he comes home I will be able to check things out and I will let you know what we found later.

Inner Cover with screen over the hole.

Bees around the queen cage which is between
frame two and three from the top.

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